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International Insult
3 - 6 players
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Negotiation Political Card Game
Dice Rolling Hand Management Set Collection

The Game of Bare-Fanged Diplomacy. True or False: Diplomats at the U.N. are dedicated to lofty causes like peace and world brotherhood. If you answered 'True' you need this game. We'll cure that hopeless idealism - with riotous good fun! If you said 'False', you want this game - where world-class brinksmanship is like a good ol' fashioned two-fisted domestic squabble. You're pretty good at that, right? International Insult is today's new fast-playing, easy-to-learn, super-strategy, endless variation, tons o' fun card game! You're a diplomat at the summit on Global Goodwill and Endangered Polyesters. Spies and saboteurs abound. Your goal: achieve lasting fame by elbowing past every rival from the "Vestibule of the Meek" all the way to the coveted "Mock Throne". You gain by insulting diplomats from other lands. War could result. True-to-life diplomacy ain't pretty - but 1,000 insults inside make it easy! It's time to cut thru the substance and get right down to the froth. Time for a tempest in a teapot. It's time for International Insult. Ages 10 to adult. 3-6 players. Contents: 90 Insult Cards (6 different nationality suits, each with 15 insult topics) Three types of wild cards ('kindling'): 6 Saboteur, 6 Spy, 12 Rude Waiter, and 6 This Means War 6 National I.E. nameplates Play Board 6 Color-coded Movers 6 six-sided Dice Rules

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