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Nightmare II
3 - 6 players
average 60 minutes
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Dice Adventure Party Game Horror Zombies
Dice Rolling Roll / Spin and Move

He's coming back for more! More frightening fun! More atmosfear! He's the outrageous Zombie, Baron Samedi and he's going to thrill you with another hour of HI-FI shock treatment in this lightning-fast Sequel Game. This Sequel Game comes with new sets of Time and Fate cards and a 60-minute interactive VHS video cassette. Simply replace the Time and Fate cards in your Master Game Set with these two new sets of cards and you're ready to press play and take on The Baron. Nightmare II. Scare tactics for 3 to 6 even gamer players aged 12 to adult. So turn the volume up and the lights down and experience another new dimension in home entertainment. The Interactive Video Board Game Nightmare II. Have another one - TONIGHT!

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