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Card Game Humor Word Game Party Game Action / Dexterity Memory Mature / Adult
Memory Cooperative Play Paper-and-Pencil Acting

From the back of the box: A collection of 21 excellent games that are guaranteed to keep everyone guessing, laughing, weeping, or doing unspeakable things on the carpet! All you need is a motley collection of consenting adults with more staying power than sense, and you're in for the night of your life! Serious fun for seriously fun loving adults who don't know when enough is enough! Pucker and Suck * Forbidden Fruit * Touch and Feel * Girls on Top * Hide and Streak * Sardines * Call my Bluff * Cheek to Cheek * Hot and Bothered * and many more... From the introductory card: "This pack contains rules to 21 different late night games. These games are perfectly suited to late-night revellers who just don't want the party to end: a few drinks have been drunk and inhibitions are starting to slip yet some people still have some sort of control over their limbs. These are games which encourage everyone to get to know each other just a little bit better. No-one would dream of playing them in the clear light of day of course, but market traders and merchant bankers alike all need to let their hair down sometimes and this is the ideal opportunity. So loosen your clothing and let's get playing!" A note to those easily offended: The game titles (for the most part) are much more suggestive than the actual games (thought there are a few exceptions). For example, "Pucker and Suck" is simply a variation on the old "Pass the orange by the neck" party game using a credit card and your lips instead.

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