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Meeting Room
2 - 6 players
average 30 minutes
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Card Game Humor
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The represenatives of 3 Italian game companies Acqui Comics, Mucca games and da Vinci Academy have decided to have run the game convention of all conventions, the "Con-Con." The plans are held in a tiny Meeting Room. Each player is a secretary of the CON-CON (i.e. the CONvention of the CONventios), managing the MEETING ROOM and his goal is to organize qualified and prestigious meetings, gaining points in the process. Using cards from their hand, the player tries to fill three chairs in the meeting room. Hands are built by drawing face down and face up cards, collecting sets of characteristics which are found on each card in different combinations (game company, favorite game type and job). Completing sets is worth various amounts of points and players earn bonuses for filling up all three chairs with cards from their hand. The first player to score 30 points wins.

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