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Woods & Water
2 - 4 players
average 60 minutes
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Animals Sports
Card Drafting Roll / Spin and Move

Players roll the die to move around the board. The player's catch animals by playing matching weapon and ammunition cards when at the space for the appropriate animal. Each type of weapon can be used to catch a few different animal types, but the value of an animal varies by the weapon used to catch it. Each animal can only be caught once so players will race to catch the most valuable animal. From the box Leave the cabin in search of everything from bass to bears...salmon to squirrels...and trout to turkeys. Sixteen varieties of fish and animals lurk under the cover of woods and water. You'll need the right equipment and a little luck to outscore your competition. The hunt for points becomes more difficult as each additional fish and animal is scored and tagged. A scattering of skunks doesn't make it any easier. Points are awarded for each "score", the most "scores" and for the first back to the cabin.

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