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3 - 6 players
average 90 minutes
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Economic Card Game Dice

from English rules translation: CONTENTS: 7 Market segments 110 Playing cards 5 Dice 1 Set of rules 96 Market share stones in 6 colours 13 Black marker stones GAME PRINCIPLE: Each player heads a corporation and tries to gain as large a share of the market as possible in different markets, and thus tries to earn as much profit as possible. The players use the dice to buy into markets, take away market shares from their competitors, influence the prices in the market segments and destroy entire markets in order to harm the competition. GAME OBJECTIVE: The players try to buy into profitable markets and raise the prices there, while decreasing the prices in those markets where they are not present. Every market share that a player owns earns him money. The player who first earns 200 Euros wins the game.

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