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Super Simon
1 - 4 players
average 10 minutes
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Electronic Memory
Pattern Recognition Memory Cooperative Play

Super Simon - Play head to head, individually or as a team. Contains 5 different games, 4 skill levels and 3 speeds. Gameplay is like original Simon but has 8 colored buttons instead of 4.. Generally, players need to repeat a sequence of increasingly long sequence of button presses. The sequence starts with one button and each time the sequence is repeated successfully, another button is added to the end and the player(s) need to now repeat the longer sequence. 1. In game one, one or more players take turns repeating the sequence. 2. In game two each player controls one or more colors and has to press their assigned color at the correct time or that color is eliminated. 3. In game three, Simon randomly determines which player needs to complete the sequence. 4. In game four, the color and timing of the presses needs to be repeated by the players. 5. In game five, you have to press the button as Simon lights it. There is no sequence to memorize.

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