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Are You... Over The Hill
2 - 8 players
average 20 minutes
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Card Game Bluffing Trivia
Set Collection Betting/Wagering

OVER THE HILL is a Poker variant with a trivia element thrown in. The game contains a pack of playing cards with 12 cards of each value from 1 to 6. The first player is dealt a hand of 5 cards which he looks at before declaring the value of his hand (hands are valued in the same way as for Poker Dice - Four of a kind beats a Full House, beats a Straight etc). The player must declare at least a pair. This declaration can be true or false. Following the declaration all the other players get the opportunity, in turn, to challenge the declaration. If no-one challenges then the hand is passed to the player on the left. This player may replace up to three cards by drawing from the deck, and then declares the value of his hand. This new declaration must be higher in value than the previous declaration. Play continues like this until there is a challenge. When challenged the player holding the cards must expose his hand for all to see: - If the player holding the cards was telling the truth then the player that challenged must answer a question from the "Over the Hill" deck of trivia cards. - If the player holding the cards lied then he must attempt to answer an "Over the Hill" question. The question cards come in six categories (Body, Fashion & Beauty, Health, Money, People and Leisure)- the subject being selected through the roll of a die. Successful answering of the question results in no penalties being incurred, but if the question is not answered correctly then the card is retained by the person who answered incorrectly as a penalty. The aim of the game is to avoid going "Over the Hill" - you are considered to be Over the Hill when you have collected four different question cards (i.e. from four different subjects) as a result of answering questions incorrectly.

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