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Harry Potter Whomping Willow Game
1 - 4 players
average 10 minutes
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Abstract Strategy Fantasy Movies / TV / Radio theme Children's Game Novel-based
Set Collection Pick-up and Deliver

You just hit the Whomping Willow with your flying car and the Willow goes wild. Can you save your luggage without getting whomped? The game has three types of play: Time Trial, Collection, and Free-for-All. - In the Time Trial, each player competes individually to use their flying cars to remove luggage from the tree, racing against the game's internal clock. Any number of players can take part in the Time Trial. - Collection is for 2 to 4 players. Everyone plays simultaneously, racing to be the first player to remove one of each type of luggage (suitcase, books, owl) from the tree. - Free-for-All, also for 2 to 4 players, challenges competitors to collect the most pieces of luggage from the tree. The game has two modes; easy and advanced. In advanced, the tree limbs spin faster and less predictably.

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